ODEI Leadership



Cyrus Salazar

Cyrus A. Salazar

The ODEI Director is responsible for overseeing the development and promulgation of policy and procedural guidance for the Department's Military Equal Opportunity (MEO), Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Diversity and Inclusion, Civil Rights, and Disability EEO programs. The Director serves as the Department's Chief Diversity Officer and the principal staff advisor to the Executive Director, Force Resiliency, on matters pertaining to oversight responsibility for the direction and enforcement of all DoD EEO and MEO policies affecting civilian and military personnel worldwide.



Director, Military Equal Opportunity

Colonel Shirley S. Raguindin

Shirley Raguindin

The Military Equal Opportunity & DEOMI Liaison serves as the staff point of contact for policy and matters regarding the Department of Defense Military Equal Opportunity Program and links the DEOMI mission to the Military Departments.


Director, Disability Programs

Randy D. Cooper

Randy D. Cooper

The Director of Disability Programs develops and promulgates policies and programs for the direction and enforcement of Federal laws and regulations concerning disability programs and the elimination of architectural and other barriers for individuals with disabilities, including Veterans. Additionally, the Director of Disability Programs serves as the primary spokesperson for DoD on matters pertaining to the employment of individuals with disabilities.



Director, DoD Diversity & Inclusion

Norvel Dillard

Norvel Dillard

The Director of DoD Diversity and Inclusion programs provides oversight and strategic guidance to Diversity and
Inclusion specialists across the Department



Director, Equal Employment Opportunity



The Director of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) develops and coordinates EEO policies and programs. Additionally, the EEO Director provides oversight and guidance to EEO specialists across the Department.