Plan and Policies

DoD DEIA Strategic Plan

This DoD DEIA Strategic Plan is a foundational document. The framework will be annually assessed and improved. The assessment will include a DoD review of Component-specific DEIA efforts and accomplishments to identify and incorporate relevant strengths and best practices into future versions of the DEIA Strategic Plan.

This DoD DEIA Strategic Plan:

  • Provides mission and vision statements.
  • Applies to the DoD workforce, defined as the military and civilian workforces
  • Establishes DoD-specific DEIA principles, derived from the principles outlined in the strategic plan
  • Identifies DoD-wide DEIA goals and objectives, along with implementation roadmaps for advancing DEIA
  • Describes the current state of maturity for DoD DEIA efforts
  • Outlines current efforts and next steps to create a comprehensive framework for work environment safety
  • Explains the way forward for advancing DEIA across DoD.